Computing Power Changes the Future——AiOcean&SolaRoad Global Brand Strategy Tour Summit is about to kick off
2023-03-26 15:17:33 Reading

 Recently, SolaRoad has been officially launched , which has attracted widespread attention at home and abroad. It is reported that SolaRoad is the world's first supercomputing public chain based on the HPOS consensus mechanism, aiming to provide the most advanced productivity for Ai artificial intelligence, smart Internet, Metaverse and other industries. Its vision is to create an HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network. Through distributed computing power clusters and Ai artificial intelligence engines, it can more efficiently achieve exponential scale growth for current supercomputing center clusters, thereby reducing computing costs and improving commercial value. , and give global users the opportunity to participate in the entire computing power industry chain, and obtain a stable and high-yield return on investment in the computing power blue ocean market.
on March 29th, Singapore time , the AiOcean&SolaRoad Global (Asia·Thailand Station) Brand Strategy Tour Summit co-hosted by SolaRoad and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will kick off at the Grand richmond hotel in Bangkok, Thailand . At that time, the top executives of world-renowned enterprises will gather together, with the attitude of thinking about the world, and jointly look at the industry imagination of the infinite future. Elites from various industries will join hands to discuss the future of AI computing power, grasp the right to speak in the computing power industry, and promote the rapid development of the digital economy.
The conference will invite authoritative organizations at home and abroad, well-known experts and scholars, business representatives, technical personnel, international media, and investment institutions to attend. Achievements, dig out computing power landing scenarios and business opportunities, and promote AI computing power into a new pragmatic stage.
In addition, the conference will have roundtable forums, special speeches , brand introductions, guest sharing , and more wonderful Thai boxing performances, ladyboy shows and other Thai special programs . The conference organizer also invited the famous singer Zhang Danfeng to sing songs. There are also exciting links such as toasts , node rush purchases, and red envelope distribution .
In the digital age, the linkage effect of computing power on economic development is becoming more and more prominent. Relevant agencies predict that by 2035, 5G, the Internet, and artificial intelligence will bring a growth of US$40 trillion to the global economy, and computing power will become the core resource support and infrastructure. At present, the computing power industry is ushering in the trend of diversification and integration. New models and new formats of computing power applications are emerging at an accelerated rate, becoming a key driving force for high-quality economic and social development.
In 2023 , as a leader in the field of computing power , Solarroad has taken an extremely solid step . Its grand vision has given infinite energy and confidence to evangelists around the world, and it has also made people see the unlimited potential and dividends of the computing power market , The emergence of Solarroad has accelerated the ecological evolution of the entire computing power industry chain, and the trillion-level computing power market will take off in an all-round way ! We are fortunate to witness the new era of AI computing power.

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