the first distributed AI computing power network of Web3 and Metaverse, is officially launched
2023-03-08 16:47:50 Reading

 According to official news: Brain AI, the world's first Web3 and Metaverse super brain distributed AI computing power network, will be officially launched on March 9th. This is the world's first Web3 and Metaverse infrastructure.

Speaking of artificial intelligence supercomputing center, I believe most people will feel unfamiliar. what is it? What is the use? What does it have to do with ordinary people? In fact, the artificial intelligence supercomputing center is not as mysterious as we imagined. It is like a computer that provides super computing power. Relying on the technical application capabilities with computing power as the core, it can be used for urban governance, industrial upgrading, key technology research and development, etc. Provide strong computing power support.
Metaverse and web3.0 are both the future of human society. Metaverse is more avant-garde and radical, but the technical support is not enough;
The development of the Web3 industry is inseparable from a powerful computing infrastructure network. If you want to have a more realistic experience in the virtual world, you need to process a larger amount of data and more models. Higher computing power brings stronger innovation capabilities, broadens the boundaries of AI applications, and can better practice the application of AI in social and technological aspects such as urban management and chip manufacturing. It is a stepping stone in the Web 3.0 era.
Brain AI aims to build an infrastructure that empowers Web3 and the metaverse to solve a pain point in the current digital asset ecosystem: by providing powerful, low-latency, cost-effective and reliable computing resources so that developers can easily , and deploy DAPP in a decentralized manner to meet the growing demand for computing power of applications such as Web3/metaverse.
As one of the fastest-growing Web3 infrastructure providers in the world, Brain AI is leading the world in the field of 3D storage-computing integrated high-throughput computing power chips, and is committed to providing first-class computing power for the digital world, driving the new wave of the Web3 era, and enabling Trust just got easier. To provide global users with more efficient, more energy-saving, and quieter computing power experience integration also marks that the access threshold of Web3 will be greatly reduced.

What is the growth path of Brain AI?
Brain Ai uses AI-DPOS proof to verify and synchronize the distributed network, and gradually realize global computing power output in four stages.
a. Genesis: The distributed AI computing network starts the test application, and the AI computing power network composed of Brain Ai performs the specified DPOS calculation. The computing power will not be output to the ecological project for the time being, and it is only used for Brain Ai native application testing. This stage cycle is expected to run within half a year after Brain Ai goes online.
b. Phanerozoic: Brain Ai outputs computing power for native applications and third-party main ecological applications. Brain Ai native applications include but are not limited to virtual souls, AI training grounds, NFT cross-chain bridges, etc. This phase of the cycle is expected to be realized within one year of Brain Ai's launch.
c. Cambrian: The AI computing power network composed of Brain Ai outputs computing power for parallel universe applications, computing energy is no longer ineffectively consumed, and the application ecosystem grows explosively. At this stage, nodes holding Bri TOKEN can share the commercial benefits of Brain Ai computing power output. This phase of the cycle is expected to be realized within 2 years of the mainnet launch.
d. New Era: The AI computing power network composed of Brain Ai completes the full coverage of AI cloud + edge computing, exports low-cost and high-efficiency computing power for the world, and becomes the most important star-level infrastructure of the Metaverse and the Internet, while fully realizing the regional A carbon-neutral vision for the blockchain. This phase of the cycle is expected to be realized within 3 years of the mainnet launch.

How can opportunities participate in the era of computing power?
Brain Ai is not only a high-performance distributed intelligent computing network, but also an intelligent self-control protocol for big data and AI. In the process of AI development, Brain Ai will gather the will of each node according to the comprehensive contribution weight to form a collective consciousness flow. AI formulates fundamental principles and upper limits of behavior that cannot be tampered with, including Brain Ai itself, and will also grow rationally under the governance of Brain Ai DAO.
As the leader of the computing power track, in the process of driving the rapid market promotion, BrainAI mainly earns income by deploying computing power, with 1T deployment as the entry threshold. 1T is 100U, 2T is 200U, and so on, and the income is obtained through the exercise period.
Exercising computing power rewards are used to provide Al computing power to create a self-learning blockchain network, thereby promoting the blockchain network will help AI to autonomously discover those economic partners who recognize the value of its services and data, and build a Solutions for scalable blockchains. Brain AI is building the digital world for today and the future, aiming to build a truly intelligent ledger, with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, allowing data to execute automatically.
Relying on the accumulation of technical experience in the field of high-throughput computing power chips, Brain AI high-throughput computing power application cases have spread all over the world, and has accumulated great advantages in industries such as Web3 and Metaverse. In the future, Brain AI will continue to create green energy with technology, launch solutions with higher customer value, launch world-class computing power products in the field of high-throughput chips, and continue to provide surging power for the Web3 era.

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