METASPACE restores the real economic law "Future City"
2022-11-24 15:58:00 Reading


It is reported: META SPACE will open the whole network reservation casting on November 25, and at the same time open the global public beta entrance of the first flagship application "Future City". This META SPACE will conduct global node recruitment, and users who become nodes can enjoy 3% token dividends in the city of the future, permanent resident residence rights, and open the second game world to start a business, work, and politics.

META SPACE is a cosmic aggregation application space station funded by the METASPACE Foundation, a decentralized metaverse hourglass platform that aims to unite the real and virtual worlds through the use of Augmented Reality (AR). Create a multi-platform carrying virtual reality identity. METASPACE will introduce the metaverse application "Future City", which is a holographic scene independently developed by the original META SPAC technical team. "Future City" is an open metaverse world, which integrates real estate, shopping in the virtual world. , social, gaming, NFT and crypto brands for users to gather through digital avatars. Therefore, in order to allow users to better experience METASPACE, here the author will conduct a review to facilitate viewers to understand METASPACE "City of the Future" more easily.

This is a game that translates the real society to the virtual Internet world, truly reproduces the human society in the Internet world, integrates all-round content such as urban construction, management, operation and community virtual survival, and adopts an open construction model. , all outside the underlying framework are built by players, all survival laws, and economic logic are completely aligned with the real society. We can start a business, work, and live to unlock more wealth and income, and start contracting our industry through virtual online physical malls to achieve our own identity transformation and economic freedom.
The virtual perspective that METASPACE can experience is a virtual city created by a full 3D engine. All the scenes in the city are carefully created with 3D technology to restore the real scene 1:1. The project team has collected different classic landmark buildings from all over the world to extend its The rich scene features, the real scene will make players have a strong sense of immersion, and the virtual economic system generated in the game, including transaction consumption, are all point-to-point on-chain transactions. All behavioral trajectories will also be recorded in the chain, recording the value transition of players evolving from Xiaobai.
The most attractive part of "Future City" is that this application is equipped with the economic laws of independent algorithms. Whether you choose to start a business, contract or work as a social worker, as long as you complete the corresponding task system and survival needs, you will have corresponding According to its own plan, it can develop its own industry and social system in multiple lines. For ordinary users, you can also get an extra income in the game. For investors and market makers, it can also be a virtual "real world", which can also develop your business and make more money.
Secondly, players do not need to worry about the collapse of the economic system in the middle and late stages caused by the overheating of the early market. First of all, this is a completely decentralized application, and there is no need to worry about third-party manipulation. The data on the chain can be traced and the system will be based on the game. The built-in smart contract makes a reasonable division according to the game economy that can be produced every day, and there is no monopolistic regulation by absolute big players. Reject all black capital. At the same time, in order to ensure the long-term discovery of applications, the METASPCE platform will also anchor the token to the value of computing power, and the computing power will be constant against USDT to ensure the stability of the basic value, free entry and exit, and public openness.
The METASPCE development team once said that the metaverse display technology will not stick to 3D. The final form of META SPACE is to combine VR XR technology, through visual glasses and somatosensory clothing, so that all residents can truly feel everything in the metaspace. In the WEB3.0 track, METASPACE combined its own products with the concept of the Metaverse, and established the positioning of "becoming a connector of the Metaverse". METASPCE's technological exploration has never stopped. With the development of technology and market,
METASPAC will find another way to build a "city of the future" for global users with its own characteristics.

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