Experience the most authentic second world META SPACE City of the future
2022-10-28 16:23:33 Reading

 When it comes to the metaverse, what scenes do you think of? Number one play home to go free shuttle? NPC of runaway players? Yes, these are the gods in the mind of the player, but I still yearn for the busy daily life of urban life. I have been immersed in this online social and high degree of freedom space.
So what is it? It is a world full of life; a fleeting life; a beginning from scratch. It's META SPACE —— you never saw such a real life.

META SPACE is a decentralized metacosmic hourglass platform designed to combine the real world and virtual worlds through the use of augmented reality (AR). Create a multi-platform carrying virtual reality identity. METASPACE is an open-world meta-universe that combines shopping, social, gaming, NFT, traditional and encrypted brands in the virtual world for users to gather through their digital bodies.

In this space is all the participants have built, is built on a virtual space in the Internet world, rather than a company running through the agent of the server, for each operator and players, METASPACE not only reconstruct the perfect interaction of virtual and reality and real meaning of physical assets anchor token value common system.

The whole ecology will go through three stages of evolution, and the first one is META1.0
The whole ecology belongs to God's perspective, Overlooking the whole city from the air, Access to NFT building copies and complete various work tasks as well as business activities, To see the plane, The car is running, The transformation of day and night, Changing weather during the four seasons, And also that all the residents' assets will be displayed in the ecology, Some of your personal assets are confirmed through the NFT rights, The chat feature is built-in, No third-party software is required, In the game, all the residents can chat online at the same time, The wallet feature is also built-in, Game fiat currency circulation conversion is quite convenient, City maps can be extended according to the number of residents living in, Three built-in channels can make you feel the grand, magnificent and spectacular meta-ecological world, The 3D scenes can switch to the entire city size, But throughout the overall situation can also be magnified to the house details, Maximize the sensory satisfaction of all residents' immersion.
Law of character survival
All city residents will have five major values:
Health value: 7 grid blood bar, one grid per day (health value can be used to maintain the blood bar through eating, such as the health value returns to zero, the role dies, the reactivation needs to enter the ecological hospital to pay for rescue).
Health value: 30 grids of blood strip, one grid per day (health value can be maintained through gym exercise and hospital physical examination. If the health value is zero, the role dies, the reactivation needs to enter the ecological hospital to pay for rescue).
Charm value: clothing, accessories... determines the size of the charm value (the charm value reflects the image of the virtual identity, to meet the different dress up needs)
Asset value: the number of assets determines the size of the asset value (the asset value reflects the strength of the individual asset, is also a certain

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