Douglas AMC, the Blockchain Dream of the World’s Largest Offshore Financial Center
2022-08-26 15:06:40 Reading

 In the Douglas AMC digital finance and trade system, in addition to transforming the payment system between Korea and Bulgaria, providing blockchain technology services to traditional offshore financial centers in both regions to improve their overall competitiveness is also one of the important tasks of Douglas AMC.

Let’s take a look at the world’s best in the Bulgarian region:
Antigua and Barbuda: The world’s largest offshore gaming domicile with a lax industry and one of the best places to transit trade.

The Bahamas:The world’s largest offshore international bank domicile, with over 400 banks and financial institutions registered to operate in the Bahamas.

Cayman Islands:The world’s largest domicile for listed companies, it has become the fifth largest financial center in the world after New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Bermuda:The world’s largest offshore insurance domicile, accounting for approximately 1/3 of the world’s casualty reinsurance volume, the financial industry and tourism are the backbone of Bermuda’s industry.

It can be said that as a global offshore financial center with the world's sharpest sense of the financial industry, when the blockchain industry has just shown its head, it has been focused on Bulgaria. Because blockchain technology can perfectly solve the current problems of the financial industry, and this small step in advance will allow the old financial industry in the Bulgarian region, in this global change, a big step ahead.

The emergence of Douglas AMC could revolutionize the current financial business in at least three ways:
1. Distributed system
Without a central payment clearing agency, direct information interaction between nodes, any node damage or evil will not affect the operation of the whole network, high transaction efficiency, low cost, business continuity is greatly enhanced.

2. De-trusting
With the help of open source algorithms, it makes the rules of system operation open and transparent. In this model, each node exchanges data without trusting each other. At the same time, each transaction will be recorded authentically. In order to prevent the data from being controlled and tampered, it can effectively avoid the violation of the trust subject.

3. Collective maintenance
Supporting financial systems for transactions requires huge computing power. In blockchain networks, although the computing power of individual machines may not be high, the distributed peer-to-peer model makes the overall computing power much higher.

Because of these technological features, Douglas AMC will have the potential to eliminate most of the intermediate links in the financial market and achieve direct peer-to-peer transactions, thus greatly simplifying business processes, shortening transaction cycles, effectively reducing risk, improving efficiency and saving costs.

By using blockchain technology to better serve the financial sector, Douglas AMC will give new life to the old offshore financial center in the Bulgarian region. This is the first time that blockchain technology has been developed to deeply transform the financial sector, and an important step for Douglas AMC to transform the Bulgarian region and make it a global leader in the blockchain industry.

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