Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, the computing power revolution of the SolaRoad distributed supercomputing public chain in the digital economy
2023-03-11 19:22:25 Reading

 In the era of artificial intelligence that has already begun, with the development of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, robots, 5G communications, and blockchain, there is an increasing demand for AI computing resources, and The high cost of computing power resources, the monopoly of computing power resources, and the problems of data security and privacy are becoming more and more serious. Before welcoming the next industrial revolution, the servers used to deploy AI computing power need a major change, upgrading the original general computing to super computing. Supercomputing is not a brand new species, it is the continuation and sublimation of general computing, and it is a new computing form that responds to the development trend of AI .

Computing power will be the basic energy for the future intelligent society
For the development of the computing power system , we can think of it as the underlying construction of human beings stepping into the intelligent society. With the rapid development of science and technology, the shortage of computing power and the low efficiency of computing power have become objective facts and challenges, and the total amount of global data is also increasing. At the same time, the growth of computing power is far behind the growth of the total amount of data. Computing power is like electricity before, it is the support of the intelligent era and empowers all aspects of the digital economy. Computing power is a brand-new opportunity and an opportunity for the industry to overtake. Empowering traditional industries through computing power is also an opportunity for global economic transformation. Both the technology industry and traditional industries are full of expectations for the development of computing power . Intelligence is the sum of knowledge and intelligence , and the composition behind it is "data + computing power + algorithm". The algorithm comes from the research and implementation of major institutions and scientists, and the data comes from people and things from all walks of life. It can be said that computing power is the basic energy for the development of an intelligent society.
The supply of computing power that tends to be intelligent will be the direction of the times
From an industry perspective, the industry penetration of computing power is closely related to the degree of intelligence of the industry. How artificial intelligence develops the cognitive ability of logic, consciousness, and reasoning like humans , the powerful support for this series of behavioral trajectories is based on powerful data algorithms and the support of computing power provided by dedicated AI equipment . Therefore, in order to break the monopoly of computing power and solve the imbalance between supply and demand between suppliers and users of computing power, the supply, management, transaction, delivery, liquidation and derivative financial services of computing power between various computing power networks are urgently needed. A computing power infrastructure is needed to build a complete computing power ecology, and the AI computing power system is the underlying operating system of the supercomputing network for the era of the digital economy . Construct and improve the basic support of computing power ecology.
SolaRoad focuses on building an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem
SolaRoad focuses on creating an epoch-making supercomputing ecosystem, and it is also a new business attempt under the chaotic economic system. As a new energy in the digital economy era, super computing power will provide the most advanced productivity for industries such as Ai artificial intelligence, smart Internet, and Metaverse. SolaRoad, the world's first super computing public chain based on the HPOS consensus mechanism, will accelerate civilization and the times.
SolaRoad-Skyway is a global data center infrastructure provider and service provider. Its business covers IDC data center, data security, cloud computing, DNS&CDN, system research and development, etc. Provide multi-centralized supercomputing computing power leasing services for clients, Web3 organizations, and enterprise-level users, build a supercomputing cluster based on the SOLA-G7 computing power server through the model on the blockchain chain, and mainly build decentralized digital intelligence Integrate AI computing power system to serve global AI enterprises and digital economy enterprises.
SolaRoad creates a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network
Of course, to solve the huge demand for computing power in the intelligent age, it is far from enough to rely solely on centralized computing power support. Computing power will inevitably spread from the cloud and the end to the edge of the network. SolaRoad creates a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network that will be continuously optimized into a trusted distributed network with openness, pertinence, compatibility, interactivity, and security. Based on ubiquitous network connections, dynamically distributed computing resources Interconnection, through the unified management and collaborative scheduling of multi-dimensional resources such as network, storage, and computing power, enables massive applications to call computing resources in different places in real time on demand, realizes global optimization of connections and computing power in the network, and provides consistent user experience.
The vision of SolaRoad is to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network. Through distributed computing power clusters and Ai artificial intelligence engines, it can more efficiently achieve exponential growth in the current supercomputing center cluster, thereby reducing computing costs and improving commercialization. value.
Welcome to join this great computing power revolution
As depicted in "Galactic Empire", billions of people have galactic dreams. Behind the wave after wave of alien immigration movements is the endless pursuit and desire of human beings for progress, development, and the future.
The SolaRoad distributed supercomputing public chain is the starting point of the long journey in the world of computing power, and it is our expectation and efforts for the future. It is believed that in the near future, it will become a new milestone in the development of human science and technology. Let us join this great computing task to push forward human development and make the future more exciting!

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