NFG META joins forces with international Deere Max to empower global e-commerce and create a new e-commerce ecosystem
2021-12-12 10:10:00 Reading


At a time when the concept of "everything is possible in the metaverse" prevails, what kind of imagination will the "metaverse" open up for the development of the e-commerce industry? Qubang International believes, "Many technological processes today are prepared for the 'metaverse', and we will usher in a more drastic change.
As the key to a new round of Internet changes, the concept of the universe is likely to reshape the industrial ecology. It is a digital living space with a social system in the new era and will become an important force for social change. The Metaverse has opened the "New Cambrian Era" of e-commerce and consumption, and 80% of the people will enter the Metaverse in the future. Metaverse e-commerce solves the pain point of high-end commodity traceability, which is difficult to confirm the authenticity, difficult to confirm the right, difficult to confirm the value, and difficult to trace.
NFG META Qubang International, applying Deere Max's mature public chain technology under the framework of metaverse thinking, empowers entity enterprises to solve the problem of traceability of high-end commodity transactions, reconstructs brand ecology with time and rights, and finally realizes digital economy and real economy deep integration!
It is reported that Deere Max’s goal is to create an aggregated social payment metaverse based on social interaction + entertainment + blockchain + metaverse + digital wallet. LUWA aims to serve the Deere Max community and global blockchain users, allowing people to experience Deere Max, a new generation of blockchain technology and various decentralized applications (DAPPs) based on Deere Max. Then, through Deere Max, blockchain technology will be popularized to more traditional Internet fields, so that more users can feel the charm of blockchain technology. The mission of Deere Max is to become a powerful force in global commerce and provide all users worldwide Reliable, transparent and decentralized payment gateway.
NFG META is looking at the potential of DeereMax, and chooses to join hands with DeereMax to create a new business metaverse ecology, build on DeereMax through Deere Chain, and use blockchain to decentralize, distribute storage, and asymmetric hashing. Encryption and other technical features, optimize and upgrade traditional commerce, provide a sound, safe and efficient infrastructure for the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional commerce. NFG META is committed to creating an interconnected, multiverse super business ecosystem.
In the future, NFG META International will join hands with DeereMax to create a sustainable and globally connected business place in the metaverse, get rid of the limitations of web2 business and the monopoly of big companies and platforms, build a 3D immersive metaverse ecosystem, and make Web3.0 E-commerce becomes a reality!

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