Web3.0 aggregation platform Metaspace Protocol may have a subversive effect on the times
2022-06-28 11:01:26 Reading

 The vast and profound Web 3.0 era is quietly coming, and it has begun to change the world with its distinctive value distribution method. The equality and freedom that people yearn for can be embodied in a more concise way at this moment. A technological revolution in which everyone participates, and people can choose when to continue, whether to join forces, or to vote on participating projects. This also leads to an important idea of ​​Web3.0-ownership, when the right returns to everyone's hands, instead of the rich elites and rent-seekers in the world, the monopoly effect will be broken, and the distribution of benefits will become unified Scenarios, data-driven decisions.

Web 3.0 is not just a technological innovation, everything about encryption can be accommodated. As encrypted assets spread throughout the network, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Chain Game applications have successively entered instances from the stream of consciousness, and Web 3.0 will allow them to collaborate more without a central point of trust.

Web3.0 has launched the process of landing in the field of encryption, successively establishing decentralized social networking, more open community governance, organic integration of applications and finance adapted to the whole network, or increasing the utilization rate of assets on the original basis. Based on the popularity of the Internet world, it is a fact that Web 3.0 has made encryption mainstream.

Metaspace Protocol is a blockchain revolution initiated by LOOP DAO's self-made organization. It is committed to building an open, inclusive, democratic, autonomous, privacy-safe Web3.0 ecological network. Through Defi 2.0+Gamefi+DID+data sharing ecology, it will finally create a decentralized The Web3.0 aggregation platform.

Metaspace Protocol's vision is to create a multi-platform for capital flow, information flow, and value flow, and its mission is to give everyone a fair way to participate in decentralized autonomous organizations and realize their wealth dreams.

In the Metaspace Protocol ecosystem, the infrastructure layer will be fully open and permissionless, and developers can not only develop scenarios, but also develop middleware and protocols for other developers to use. User data and information do not belong to any centralized entity, and anyone can analyze/use these data freely. Metaspace Protocol has become a high-value application field where blockchain and the Internet are highly intersected, and will be committed to providing a standard economic and technological layer for future metaverse applications. Multiple metaverses with different styles can form a larger metaverse, and users' identities/data/assets can be synchronized natively across metaverses. It enables any type of metaverse application to operate in a decentralized, trustless and fault-tolerant environment similar to blockchain, and in the process minimizes development costs and increases system speed.

Today, the blockchain has moved to a more comprehensive and subdivided field. Web3.0 can help people issue digital currency or use more channels to obtain digital currency, which is a new path. Our data needs to be protected, stored, and sold. The infrastructure, browsers, storage systems, and platforms involved are developing. More tools and different encrypted assets mean that we need to interact when using Web 3.0. More.

The huge application ecosystem of Metaspace Protocol has opened the door for Web3.0. Anyone can enter Web3.0 through its open applications and connect to DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, and the Metaverse. Metaspace Protocol provides a communication window for the Internet, Web3.0 and blockchain, and uses mature and common technologies to make the network a unified system.

In the future, with the development of the metaspace ecology of Metaspace Protocol, it will open up the interaction of ecological sectors, build an ecological network based on LOOP as a value carrier, open wallets, increase user stickiness, open M Swap, and provide liquidity for all applications in the ecology. Decentralized financial services, as well as the construction of the underlying public chain, support the entry of multiple metaverses, and achieve a good internal and external application cycle.

Based on this, we found that a prosperous application economy can allow Blockchain 3.0 and Web3.0 to overlap each other, and Metaspace Protocol will play a greater role in the Web3.0 model.

Currently, everyone in the world is moving towards Web 3.0, which is a brand new ecosystem that is likely to arrive in 5 years, showing its advantages to the world and being understood by all.

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