A Gathering of Heroes and a Gathering of Big Names——AiOcean&SolaRoad Global Brand Strategy Tour Summit Concluded Successfully
2023-03-30 15:08:55 Reading

 On March 29th (UTC/GMT+7) , the AiOcean&SolaRoad Global Brand Strategy Tour Summit co-sponsored by SolaRoad and Hewlett Packard Enterprise ended successfully in Bangkok, Thailand . John Elways , Senior Strategic Planner of HPE US Headquarters , Edward Woodward, CEO of Solarroad , Kevin Chang, Senior Deputy Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Taiwan, and special guest Mr. Xuezong Wang all attended the meeting . .
This conference was full of guests and guests, the lineup was luxurious, and the atmosphere was solemn and warm. The event started, and the audience was in full swing. With a wonderful opening dance, the meeting officially kicked off.
Subsequently, John Elways, senior strategic planner of HPE US headquarters , delivered a speech on stage. He expressed his sincere greetings to all the guests present, and said: "With the full opening of the digital economy era, computing power is an important "base" support, empowering The role of computing power is becoming more and more prominent. Computing power is a new productivity in the era of digital economy. It will inject new momentum into strengthening the construction of digital government, activating the potential of data elements, and the digital transformation of all walks of life, and boosting high-quality economic and social development. As the world's first The supercomputing public chain created by the HPOS consensus mechanism, SolaRoad aims to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network , reduce computing costs and improve commercial value , so that global users have the opportunity to participate in the entire computing power industry chain, in the computing power blue ocean The market has obtained a stable and high-yield return on investment, providing the most advanced productivity for industries such as Ai artificial intelligence, smart Internet, and Metaverse . Finally, I would like to thank you again for coming to the scene and participating in this grand event. I wish this conference a complete success, thank you all. "
Then, Solarroad CEO Edward Woodward delivered a speech on stage . He said: " In the digital age, data is a new means of production, computing power is a new productivity, and new industries are sweeping in. Networks are everywhere, computing power is ubiquitous, and intelligence is omnipresent. However, whoever has powerful computing power will have the password to win the future . Currently, SolaRoad is standing at the new starting point of the era of computing power, speeding up on the new track of the digital economy, and human beings have entered the turning point of the era of wisdom. As a leader in the field of computing power , Solarroad has already taken an extremely solid step . Its grand vision has given infinite energy and confidence to evangelists around the world, and it has also made people see the unlimited potential and dividends of the computing power market . The emergence of Solarroad , has accelerated the ecological evolution of the entire computing power industry chain, and the trillion-level computing power market will take off in an all-round way ! We are fortunate to witness the new era of AI computing power. In the future, Solarroad will work with global community evangelists to promote the development of the AI computing power industry, thank you Everyone."
Finally, Mr. Wang Xuezong, a special guest , delivered a speech on stage. He said that AI is relatively revolutionary , so AI computing power is the underlying infrastructure, and AI computing power , algorithms , and data layers will be the next outlet . As a global data center infrastructure provider and service provider, SolaRoad's business covers IDC data center, data security, cloud computing, DNS&CDN, system research and development, etc., providing multi-centralized supercomputing power lease for clients, Web3 organizations, and enterprise users Service, build a supercomputing cluster based on the SOLA-G7 computing power server through the model on the blockchain chain, build a decentralized digital intelligence fusion AI computing power system, and serve global AI companies and digital economy companies . In the future, SolaRoad will create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network. Through distributed computing power clusters and AI artificial intelligence engines, the current supercomputing center clusters will achieve exponential growth, reduce computing costs and increase commercial value , and advance the industry Find the optimal solution.
Warm and gorgeous venue layout, beautiful stage lighting, wonderful and interesting Thai special programs, delicious appetizers and joyful enjoyment... The summit came to an end amidst laughter . Participants said that this conference has personally experienced the customs of Thailand. More importantly, the grand vision of SolaRoad has given infinite energy and confidence to evangelists around the world, and it has also allowed people to see the unlimited potential and dividends of the computing power market. In the future, we will witness the hand in hand of the elites and the peers of the giants, and go to a better future together.
This meeting is a highlight in the development history of SolaRoad . SolaRoad takes advantage of its own advantages, integrates multiple resources, accelerates the future development of the AI computing power industry ecology, and continuously endows the industry with richer connotations, builds a global supercomputing space network and an open fire ecology, and allows more general public to share the development of the computing power era Bonus, create a win-win era of computing power. I believe that in the near future, SolaRoad will lead the arrival of a new world of computing power, and lead the shock of the times, let us wait and see!

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