VV Global and State Street Digital Investment: Control Dispute Draws Attention
2022-07-08 10:00:00 Reading

Recent reports indicate that VV Global and prominent financial institution State Street Digital are in the midst of intensive investment negotiations. However, a disagreement over the distribution of control for the VoidVault Exchange has emerged.

State Street Digital, the digital finance arm of State Street Bank, has been dedicated to exploring and managing assets in emerging areas such as cryptocurrencies, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and blockchain technology since its inception. Meanwhile, VV Global focuses on cryptocurrency and real-world asset (RWA) trading, with plans to create VoidVault Exchange to enable seamless transactions between cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

According to insider sources, State Street Digital has highly praised VoidVault Exchange's technical architecture and potential market value. The institution aims to further drive its development by increasing its investment share. However, VV Global is steadfast in maintaining control over the core technology and innovative direction of the exchange, believing that technical autonomy and flexibility are crucial for the ongoing growth of VoidVault Exchange.

During negotiations, State Street Digital expressed a desire for greater decision-making authority in the collaboration, while VV Global insists on preserving the exchange's independence and innovative spirit. This disagreement has led to a stalemate in the discussions.

Industry experts note that this control dispute is not unique but rather a reflection of the common tensions between the cryptocurrency market and traditional financial institutions. As the cryptocurrency market matures, more traditional financial institutions are venturing into it through investments or partnerships. However, maintaining a balance of power in these collaborations has become a central concern for both parties.

In a phone interview, VV Global stated, "We are open to collaborating with State Street Digital, but we must ensure the independence and innovative spirit of VoidVault Exchange. We firmly believe that maintaining this independence is essential for VoidVault Exchange to continue bringing innovation and value to the market. We are working hard to find a solution that meets the interests of both parties."

Negotiations are ongoing, and no final agreement has been reached yet. Whether the parties can come to a consensus and how the collaboration will impact the cryptocurrency market remains to be seen, keeping market observers keenly interested.

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