Quantum Preservation Fund : Rainmaker Quantum Group launched the Quantum Preservation Fund to strengthen the financial security
2023-02-09 10:00:00 Reading

 February 9, 2023 - The Rainmaker Quantum Group firmly believes that the technological revolution centered around quantum computing is effectively driving the rapid development of the digital world economy, while also accelerating the disruptive transformation of the financial market. Risk management funds around the world are all facing synchronous transformation with high technology. With the rapid development of innovative technology, risk management in the financial industry has become more complex, and it is particularly important to effectively manage risks and protect the interests of investors. Therefore, the development of financial technology presents new challenges for traditional financial institutions. For the financial industry, efficiently make use of financial technology to achieve innovative development of financial business is an urgent issue to be solved. In recent years, major global financial institutions have continuously increased their investment in financial technology, and have provided customers with more convenient and secure services through the application of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.
In addition, the prevention and control of systemic risks is also one of the important guarantees, because there is a lot of information in the market, which cannot reflect the objective reality openly and transparently. At the same time, systemic risk will inevitably affect the understanding of enterprises and investors on the operation, development trend and development prospect of financial markets and investment projects. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a systematic, comprehensive, timely and effective risk control mechanism to ensure that there is an indestructible defensive moat in the face of various investment environments, which can ultimately provide protection for all investors.

The Rainmaker Group has launched the Quantum Preservation Fund, which is a compensation fund designed to prevent Rainmaker's customers from losing their investments. During the investment and trading process, The Rainmaker Group established this special fund to prevent or reduce potential losses of principal, protecting the interests of investors and forecasting possible losses in advance. The fund is established by The Rainmaker Quantum Risk Management department according to the actual conditions of the investors. When an investor's funds suffer a certain degree of loss, compensation can be made through this fund. This Quantum Preservation Fund will safeguard the safety of investors' funds, avoid unnecessary losses to investors, maintain the interests of investors, and allow investors to continue to profit while ensuring their principal. 

As the director of the risk management department at the Rainmaker Quantum Group, he said, "I have high expectations for the Quantum Preservation Fund. In my opinion, the risk management level of the Divine Quantum 4.0 strategy is highly effective. Every upgrade is the most suitable model for the current situation, established for stable profits in the current financial market, and has innovative investment concepts. In addition, the Divine Quantum 4.0 strategy attaches great importance to the overall situation, ensuring that risks are controllable within the safest and smallest range, and steadily advancing stable profits in an ultra-low-risk manner. This extremely disruptive technological measure will greatly help us take a bigger step towards the goal of managing global assets worth 60 billion by the end of 2024. Overall, I am confident in the prospects of the Quantum Preservation Fund and believe it is a fund worth investing in."

At the same time, in the process of continuous optimization within the Rainmaker Quantum Group, many problems existing in today's international financial markets are being recognized, such as cumbersome transaction processes, high transaction fees, lack of transparency, as well as security and privacy issues. These problems limit investors' investment potential and increase investment risks. Therefore, a technological solution is urgently needed. Quantum technology is being regarded as a technology that can solve these problems. Quantum technology can provide high-level security and privacy, as well as faster transaction processing. In addition, quantum technology can bring higher transaction efficiency and lower transaction costs.
The Rainmaker Quantum Group's Divine plan in the future is to use this technology, together with experienced partners, to create an open and comprehensive trading platform. This platform will provide a more complete investment trading environment, solve existing problems in financial platforms, and provide investors with more investment opportunities and lower risks. The Rainmaker Quantum Group's Divine plan will bring a new development opportunity to the financial industry.

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