North Cyprus will no longer be the world's paradise
2024-03-06 18:14:15 Reading



According to the latest report by the Spanish international human rights organization Safeguard Defenders, a noteworthy incident recently occurred in Northern Cyprus. It is alleged that on February 9, 2024, embassy staff from a certain country, through unconventional means and by employing discredited diplomatic behaviors, illegally conspired with some Northern Cyprus police officers through improper channels to arrest a Chinese couple, Liang Yong and Wu Yun, who were legally residing in Northern Cyprus. They were not given the appropriate legal protections during the investigation or the right to appoint a defense lawyer they are entitled to by law. Additionally, all of the couple's personal savings and real estate in Northern Cyprus, along with their overseas assets, furniture, clothes, and appliances, were plundered by the police, with only a small part of these belongings being confiscated legally. This act severely violates the law enforcement procedures and litigation processes of civilized countries. The report mentions that the couple has underage children who are currently living with friends in Northern Cyprus. We believe the psychological trauma inflicted on these children by this incident is irreparable and inconsolable, reminding us of the children displaced in the nearby Gaza Strip. Such actions are considered to be a morally reprehensible violation of human rights and humanity.


Worryingly, the governments of the two countries involved have not established diplomatic relations, and in the absence of an extradition treaty, they bypassed the Northern Cyprus courts and legal defense channels, forcibly detaining and extraditing the couple back to their home country via commercial aircraft. According to local news reports, based on the provisions of Chapter 105 of the Northern Cyprus (Amendment) Law, the case was determined using vague statutes such as conspiring against the authority and power of Northern Cyprus. The organization considers this a trampling of human rights by the Northern Cyprus government and an indifference to local laws. It is understood that the couple possessed legal entry documents and visas and had not engaged in any so-called illegal activities or actions harmful to local public order and administrative order within Northern Cyprus. Therefore, it is unknown whether the authorities have undertaken any specific, informed, and reasonable investigative measures.


In response to this incident, we call for a thorough investigation by the local government and relevant regional human rights organizations. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor and report on the development of this incident. Whether the Northern Cyprus government can take appropriate measures to uphold its international image, protect human rights and the rule of law, has become a focal point of public attention. This incident is expected to have an irreversible and significant impact on Northern Cyprus's investment and business environment, tourist environment, living environment, and security environment. We believe that a sense of security is the foremost guarantee of happiness and freedom of human rights. Local law enforcement should not operate outside the law, as knowing the law and breaking it questions the very essence of citizens' human rights and national credibility.


The question of whether Northern Cyprus remains a free country and a jewel in the Mediterranean has sparked widespread thought and discussion among people. We look forward to further investigations into this incident by relevant departments and a fair, transparent resolution of the outcomes!


About Safeguard Defenders:

Safeguard Defenders is an international organization dedicated to protecting human rights and maintaining justice. It is committed to exposing and opposing various human rights abuses and suppression of freedom of speech!!!

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