Blockchain games empower the market and become the fuse of the hot global
2018-06-10 11:21:00 Reading

 Game consoles are the best product that combines entertainment and technology. Now, in this smart era, a new technological peak has emerged. All parties hope to seize the opportunity. Blockchain is no exception. Blockchain games are among the best. Typically, the "originator" of blockchain games, CryptoKitties was the first to go online on Ethereum and became popular quickly. In this intelligent age, a new technological peak has appeared.
As far as the current situation is concerned, the method of this new game has the potential to subvert traditional trading and investment methods. To be precise, why does blockchain technology have such magic? General speaking, blockchain technology is actually the underlying technology of digital currency, and it is a way to achieve "decentralized" secure transactions. The so-called "decentralization" refers to the removal of the authority of third-party trading platforms and the adoption of public accounting and open and transparent methods to form transaction blocks. This concept is passed to the game industry and forms a new "blockchain game".
Compared with traditional games, blockchain games perfectly solve the drawbacks of centralization.
In traditional games, the game operator controls the entire game, while the game database is stored on a private and centrally controlled server, which is not public and opaque. In other words, the assets of the player in the game belong to the game operator, and the safety of the props owned by them cannot be guaranteed. What's more, if there is a game version update or other emergencies (game suspension, etc.), the value of game assets will continue to decline and the interests of players will be harmed.


With the support of blockchain technology, blockchain games are decentralized. Each player becomes the owner of his own data and begins to own and control his own data. The game developer must obtain the player's authorization in order to write new records into the player's database. In addition, built on smart contracts in blockchain games, all profit transactions are open and transparent so that cheating can be avoided.
Its advantage is the reason why the blockchain game market is so hot. In February of this year, the blockchain development game emerged at the right moment, setting off a craze for technical games, which also triggered a craze for the blockchain game market. Countless blockchain games have swarmed in. The integration of blockchain technology and games has attracted the attention of a large number of assets and sales markets, and has promoted the influx of many game manufacturers and developers. Blockchain games are not only reformed in the field of traditional games, but blockchain games may also break away from speculative characteristics and simplification. Only allowing more game industries to join in, can the  blockchain games officially enter the real spring.

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