BOSTON Team Receives European Blockchain Association Talent and Technical Support from the European Blockchain Association and UBS
2019-06-04 10:00:00 Reading

  At a time when digital assets and blockchain technology are rapidly evolving, the BOSTON team announced that it has successfully secured the talent and technical support of the European Blockchain Association and UBS. This important collaboration marks a key step for BOSTON in advancing the crypto ecosystem and blockchain technology.
The BOSTON team consists of a group of professional blockchain technology researchers, financial experts and technology developers with the goal of driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology by building a globalized digital asset ecosystem.
Support from the European Blockchain Association
The European Blockchain Association is a non-profit organization focused on promoting blockchain technology research, application and cooperation within the European region. The cooperation with BOSTON will bring mutual benefits to both parties:
1, Blockchain Association of Europe will provide blockchain research and policy support to BOSTON, and jointly promote regulatory compliance and market promotion of blockchain technology.
2. BOSTON will utilize its expertise in blockchain technology and digital assets to provide training and consulting to members and partners of the European Blockchain Association.

Talent and Technical Support from UBS
UBS has long been committed to research in the field of financial innovation and technology, and the cooperation with BOSTON mainly includes:
1, UBS will send a team of financial and technical experts to work closely with BOSTON to promote digital asset storage and technology development.
2. Through UBS's global network, BOSTON will be able to further expand the reach and impact of its digital asset aggregation platform.

Dimon, founder of the BOSTON team, said, "This partnership with the European Blockchain Association and UBS is an important step towards globalization for BOSTON. We are very excited to work with these two industry leaders to advance blockchain technology and digital assets."
The support of the European Blockchain Association and UBS undoubtedly provides BOSTON with a strong endorsement and partnership opportunity to help it expand its reach and drive the adoption of blockchain technology on a global scale.
The BOSTON team's future plans include further development of the digital asset aggregation platform, driving the adoption of the RC WALLET Ryan crypto wallet, and expanding the business of the EUEX European crypto asset exchange. With the support of the European Blockchain Association and UBS, BOSTON is expected to make significant breakthroughs in the field of digital assets and blockchain technology in the coming years.
As the digital economy continues to grow and globalization advances, the efforts of the BOSTON team are expected to provide more innovative, secure and reliable services to digital asset enthusiasts around the world. This partnership is an important milestone in the industry and signifies that BOSTON is moving at a determined pace towards its goal of becoming a global leader in digital assets and blockchain technology.

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